Allow me to begin with a page from an old devotional book -- "Growing in Prayer" by Andrew Murray:

The Love of God – what an Unfathomable Mystery! Jesus said: "Only God is Good" (Matthew 19:17). The Glory of God in Heaven is that He Wills to do all that is Good. That includes the two meanings of the word Good – all that is Right and Perfect – all that Makes Happy.

The God who wills nothing but Good is a God of Love. He does not demand His own way. He does not live for Himself but pours out His Love on all living creatures. All created things share in this Love so that they may be satisfied with that which is Good.

A characteristic of Love is that "it does not demand its own way" (1 Corinthians 13:5). It finds Happiness in Giving to others. It sacrifices itself wholly for others. God offered Himself to mankind in Love in the Person of His son, and the Son offered Himself upon the Cross to bring that Love to men and women. The Everlasting Love with which the Father Loved the Son is the same Love with which the Son Loves us.

The Love of God to His Son, the Love of the Son to us, the Love with which we Love the Son, the Love with which we Love each other and try to Love all men – all is the same Eternal, Incomprehensible, Almighty Love of God. Love is the Power of the Godhead in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

God of Love, Thank You for Loving me the way You do. It is beyond my understanding. I Praise You for your Love. Amen.


WOW – that is beautiful – one of the best explanations I have ever heard concerning "The Love of God!" Just think of it – God Loved us so very much that He Gave his most Precious Possession – His Only Beloved Son – to die a horrible death on the Cross for our sin – that we might be Free from sin and be assured a place in His Perfect Heaven – all because of His Great Love.

God’s Heaven is so clean and pure that no one can enter without being washed in the Blood of the Spotless Lamb of God – Jesus Christ Himself. In fact, we are told, "All things are by the Law purged with Blood – and without the shedding of blood is no Remission" (Hebrews 9:22).

The Old Hymn tells it all -- "What can wash away my sin – NOTHING but the Blood of Jesus."

How about it reader? -- have you ever personally confessed your sin to Almighty God (1 John 1:9) and received Assurance that you have been Cleansed and made worthy of His Heaven? Have you ever poured out your heart and named your sins – one by one – and know that you have been heard and forgiven?

God is waiting with open arms to receive you and make you a New Creature – Totally Forgiven – and Totally Prepared – WOW – what a Blessed thought – and yet – many will continue to doubt that Total Forgiveness is possible – many will continue to think that their sins are too many, too terrible, or too horrible to ever be forgiven. The Blood of Jesus Christ will wash away ALL sins – no matter the size or number – this is Truly – THE LOVE OF GOD!



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