On Wednesday, January 30, the Wallenpaupack Emergency Responder Club met with Hawley Borough Police, Corporal Aaron Bertholf and Patrolman Mike Jaseris. The municipal police spoke to the club about many topics and held a mock trial.

Corporal Bertholf and Patrolman Jaseris informed students about their positions, qualifications, and responsibilities as Hawley Borough Policemen. Bertholf shared his Act 120 training at the Municipal Training Academy and how this experience opened up many opportunities in law enforcement and security.

Bertholf went on to relate his personal experiences in the field and the various calls to which they must respond. He also outlined the differences between the borough police, state police, and those working in federal positions.

The club members asked many questions about entering law enforcement, possible career pathways, and such physical requirements as vision, age, and height. The students really enjoyed Bertholf’s demonstration: students participated in simulated field sobriety tests, including walking the line with Fatal Vision Goggles; thesegoggles use special lens technology, allowingthe wearer to experience a realistic simulation of impairment. Additionally, the policemen discussed the purposes and uses of their law enforcement weapons: tasers, clubs, and sprays.

Lastly, Corporal Bertholf and Patrolman Jaseris organized a mock trial,involving an accident investigation. The students’ assumed the roles of magistrate, jury, prosecutor, defense attorney, defendant, and police. From this scenario, the students learned the importance of accurate police procedures.

Mrs. Colleen Edwards, Career Coordinator, thanked the policemen for their multi-dimensional presentation and the excellent information they provided. The Emergency Responder Club members commented that they enjoyed the interactive trial and practical simulations as these demonstrations provided much realistic information.