By Cheryl Mitchell

News Eagle Correspondent

"Cinders are not spreading evenly across Kuhn Hill Road but are only in the middle of the road," Bob Mohring complained to Greene Township Supervisors Wednesday evening, Feb. 6.

"One morning after a 1 ½ inch snowfall, three cars went into the ditch and the grade school bus had trouble getting up the hill after a two hour delay."

"For 10-15 years we haven’t had a problem. We would like better plowing," he said.

"I’ve talked with the bus company and the owner has said that Kuhn Hill has been well plowed and cindered," supervisor Gary Carlton responded.

"Also, Tim Jones, the contracted driver and truck, has done an excellent job," Carlton added.

CPA vs. onsite treasurer

"How did the taxpayers benefit from the transition of treasurer from a CPA to the current layman?" Al Haldaman questioned. "The CPA had an annual contract for $19,200 which was all inclusive."

"Not taken into consideration was added costs – the bond, social security and medicare contributions, telephone, workman’s comp, and insurance. That costs the township approximately $2,280 annually plus the initial cost of the computer, printer and supplies."

Chairman Ed Simon noted that the current treasurer is local, in the township office as opposed to being located in Stroudsburg, and is a cost savings.

Bill owed?

"I have never received a bill for $3428.45 from Greene Township, as reported in the News Eagle," Barbara Siegfried told the supervisors. "I have paid $150,000 in subdivision related costs, have complied with the township, the DEP and the Conservation District. I have complied with all necessary, have done all requested, and have paid all bills sent."

"As of April 28, 2011, you were billed for F.X. Browne engineering charges," Simon answered.

"I didn’t need the township engineer for any of this and was told it was not necessary, why do I have to pay for something that was not required?" Siegfried asked.

Solicitor Jeffrey Treat recommended that the supervisors send another bill with explanation and 30 days payable.

Incomplete cul-de-sac

"Mrs. Siegfried, we’ve had a complaint concerning the Stonewall Terrace cul-de-sac," Simon stated.

"The cul-de-sac doesn’t have to be complete for five years after the NPDES permit issue and it can be renewed. It is in total compliance. I was told as of the last inspection that I was done," Siegfried responded.

"I’ve taken pictures, the cul-de-sac is not done. The cul-de-sac is cleared but not stoned," supervisor Gary Carlton stated. "The completion of the cul-de-sac has nothing to do with the storm water runoff. The reason for the cul-de-sac is so that emergency vehicles can turn around. Currently a pickup truck could not be turned around in the existing cul-de-sac."

"The approved plan mat indicates a 75 foot cul-de-sac on Stonewall Terrace. You have to do what is on the plan," Carlton continued.

"The cul-de-sac is recommended for safety reasons," Treat advised. He further advised the supervisors to send a letter to Mrs. Siegfried identifying the specific cul-de-sac must be constructed in accordance with the plans and maps on file at the courthouse."

Advanced life support

Kyle Wright reported that Pike County Advanced Life Support responded to 181 incidents in Greene Township during 2012. The average response time from dispatch to on scene was 19 minutes 28 seconds, a decrease of 1 minute 47 seconds from the previous year.

Pike County ALS received the ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) award from Pocono Medical Center for its role in the door to balloon angioplasty time of 28 minutes and passed the three year inspection by the department of health.

Automatic vehicle locators are in all vehicles. An Integrated phone system, tied to the Pike County phone system resulted in a 50% cost savings. The phone number is 855-PIKE-ALS.

Mike Scovil of Atlantic Ambulance Corporation reported that the agency has one ALS unit in Milford one in Blooming Grove. Atlantic Ambulance has serviced a few Greene township residents and are looking to expand and are in the process of licensing additional trucks and adding a helicopter.

Privy ordinance

"New recreational cabins exempt from building inspections are not exempt from sewage," sewage enforcement officer Don Nicholson reported. "DEP recommends passing a privy ordinance to cover outhouses over concrete bowls, chemical toilets, compost toilets, etc. Water under pressure in the building guarantees that they must have sewage."

The supervisors agreed to a work session 6 p.m. March 6 to consider the DEP proposed ordinance.

[Editor's Note: In regard to the statement that The News Eagle reported that Barbara Siegfried "received a bill for $3428.45 from Greene Township," the January 2013 meeting report did not state that she received a bill. The January story reported that the supervisors were reminded by an audience member that there were "$3400 unpaid fees" for the Siegrfried land development, according to the Dec. 17 special supervisors' meeting. The story then reports that Supervisor Carlton replied that "the unpaid amount was just discovered."]