Gearing up for the golf season? Let the Buff Bloggers give you some tips!

The warm weather is fast approaching (as I am writing this it’s snowing outside), which means golf season will soon be in full swing. Many of us may not consider golf as a sport that needs a lot of training time, but pro players do not just wake up one day and decide to start hitting the ball. Neither should you. The truth is, golf players are prone to shoulder and back injuries if they are not properly conditioned.

To help you condition for golf, cardio is a great start. If you are a runner or a speed walker, do not stop doing that. Golf is a sport that uses short, powerful spurts of energy in order to launch the ball without a running start. So instead of just walking or running for 45 minutes, try changing it up with interval training and speed training. This will help you train for those short bursts of energy used while hitting the golf ball.

The number one injury in golf would be a back injury. While preparing for golf season, make sure you do plenty of stretching those back muscles. In addition, lifting weights and working on your abs will help lower your risk of back injury while playing. A good move to do is a “Superman.” This is done by laying on your stomach, arms extended straight over your head. Squeeze your bootie and your back so your feet, head and arms come off the floor. Keep in mind that you need to stretch in addition to your workouts and strength training. If you do not stretch, you may be hurting your range of motion because your muscles are tight.

Performing twisting motions such as taking a medicine ball side to side in a lunge position will help immensely. Another good move to work your swing is a medicine ball chop. Take the ball over your head on one side and rotate diagonally down (in a slow chopping motion) to your opposite side. Be sure you aren't moving too fast. It might help to have a trainer show you how to do it, or at least do one with a trainer present to avoid suffering an injury. For further information, please feel free to contact the Wayne County YMCA at (570) 253-2083, or online at