LAKEVILLE - Professional ice carvers will be battling out in the final Cabin Fever Competitions this weekend at Sculpted Ice Works. There will be two completely different and intense competition formats for each day.

On Saturday, February 23rd from 12 to 4 p.m., these professional sculptors will have two (2) each 300# blocks of crystal clear ice to create a masterpiece in the "Prehistoric" theme in a four hour time frame. They will begin at 12 noon in the courtyard behind the Crystal Cabin Fever event barn at Sculpted Ice Works located at 311 Purdytown Turnpike in Lakeville, PA.

The carvers will cut apart, shape and fuse back together these blocks of ice, using advanced techniques and artistic experience. The competition will last four hours and these sculptures prove to be very detailed and impressive. Sculptors will be competing for over $1000 in prize money.

On Sunday, February 24th beginning at 12 Noon, Cabin Fever will host its fourth "Elimination Style" Speed competition. In this format the carver will each be given a single 300# block of ice and will only have 20 minutes per each carving round. After each round, the public will vote off the least favorite sculpture. The stage will be re-set and the chainsaws will be flying again. The theme for each round is pulled out of a hat by the emcee and the sculptors, although aware of the general themes, do not know which topic they will be carving against which sculptors. This a fast and furious battle that is amazing to watch and generates 20+ amazing sculptures in a very short period of time. Sculptors will be competing in this competition for prize money, the annual "Golden Chipper Award" and bragging rights.

Crystal Cabin Fever is located at Sculpted Ice Works in Lakeville, on Rt. 590 between Hawley and Hamlin.

Adult admission: $12, Children $7, Children under 3: Free.

Combine your admission with a visit to the museum and factory tour for only $3 more. Visit for event specials and the region's best restaurants, hotels & lodges. Call 226-6246 for groups or more information.