To the Editor:

On behalf of myself, my family and all Wallenpaupack basketball fans, I thank Jake Brown for his hard work and dedication to the Buckhorn basketball program. He was so much fun to watch and his phenomenal play raised the bar for Wallenpaupack basketball.

As a former alumnus, I have followed Buckhorn basketball since the Wallenpaupack jointure in 1963-1964. There is NO DOUBT in my mind, Jake is the most talented player to ever wear the purple and white. His unbelievable work ethic and dedication to the game, was unquestionable. Jake serves as a role model for everyone who watched him play the game.

I also congratulate Jake's parents, who proved to be a tremendous influence in his life. Their son is not only the best that ever played the game, but he is a remarkable young man. Jake has earned the respect and friendship of all who know him.

I am confident, Jake will be successful in his future endeavors both on the basketball court and more importantly in the game of life.

Congratulations and thank you,

Robert McGinnis

Class of 1969