January 6, Elaine and Randy Barnes celebrated 40 years of wedding bliss by taking a trip to the Florida Keys with family.

A native of Hawley, Elaine worked in the dining room at Woodloch Pines, and it was there, that she met her lifelong companion, Randy Barnes of Syracuse, New York.

Fraternity brothers with John Kiesendahl, Barnes was eventually convinced to move to the region. A lifelong wise guy, always cracking jokes whenever the opportunity arises, Randy has been an entertainer at Woodloch for 45 years. Elaine too, has worked at Woodloch throughout the years, even today, being a nanny to some of the children in the Kiesendahl family.

Today, 40 years after the wedding bells chimed at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Elaine and Randy have two daughters Lindsay Rae and Leigh Anne, both graduates of Wallenpaupack Area High School.