By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

LORDS VALLEY- A Hemlock Farms Volunteer Fire & Rescue vehicle was involved in an accident as it was responding to an emergency, early Saturday morning, Feb. 23.

Four persons aboard the fire truck were injured when the truck's movement went out of control on the icy road, as it was leaving the private community to respond to an emergency.

In the process, a car heading the opposite way was struck, with no injuries resulting to the occupants.

State Police Blooming Grove reported that the 1999 model Heavy Rescue fire truck was heading east on Hemlock Farms Road. The truck was at the intersection with Cherry Court when it began to spin in a clockwise direction, and at the same time move in a northeast direction.

The fire truck entered the westbound lane of Hemlock Farms Road. At the same time, a 2003 Honda Accord driven by Eric Klinsky, 20, of Anentura, FL, was traveling west on the same road, with four passengers. Klinsky traveled southwest to try and avoid a collision.

The right rear side of the fire truck impacted with the right rear side of the car. This was the final resting place of the car, straddling both lanes.

The fire truck's front right side struck street signs at the corner of Hemlock Farms Road and Cherry Court. The right side of the truck impacted an embankment just northeast of the intersection, and came to rest facing northwest.

Reid Fedorsin, 29, who is 2nd Assistant Chief, was operating the truck. He and his passengers, Captain Jesse Young, 22; firefighters John Kauffman, 35 and James Mason, 50, suffered moderate injuries, police said. They each have Lords Valley addresses.

Occupants of the fire truck were transported by Hemlock Farms Ambulance and Dingman Township Ambulance, to Bon Secours hospital in Port Jervis.

Fire Chief Richard Hall said the truck met icy conditions going down a hill. He said that the truck was steered one way to try and avoid the car, and landed in the ditch. He said that the firefighters are doing well; two had been taken to the hospital for observation. The crash happened at about 5:15 a.m., he estimated.

Trooper William Ferris said that there were no charges filed.

According to the Hemlock Farms Fire & Rescue web site, their 1999 rescue vehicle is a KME model, weighing nearly 23 tons and is 32' 10" long, 10' 8" high. Is it listed as their Rescue-1 vehicle.

The Pike County fire and ambulance call log, made available to the media, reported that Hemlock Farms Fire & Rescue was called out at 4:47 a.m. Saturday to assist at a motor vehicle crash on Interstate 84 eastbound. There was reported entrapment.

The call included dispatch of Hemlock's Rescue-1 and Engine-1, with other apparatus from Blooming Grove Fire Department and Tafton Fire Department.

An engine and rescue vehicle were subsequently called out from Dingman Township Fire Department when the crash occurred with the Hemlock Farms truck and car. This was at 5:22 a.m.

The rescue truck is out of service pending repairs and inspection.

Ironically, Hall added, they were being called out to assist Blooming Grove Fire Department at the I-84 incident and just as they were responding, they received a second dispatch placing them on "stand-by" at station.

Hall said that everyone was able to walk away from the accident, "which is a good thing."