By Gina Spinelli

News Eagle Correspondent

The board meeting for Delaware Valley’s School District was held in the Administrative Offices, on Thursday February 21st at 7 p.m. The meeting started with a couple of presentations.

A presentation was given by Michael Sullivan, the director of Pike County Chamber of Commerce and Pike County Economic Development Authority. He went over the benefits that having a tax abatement program for business development in Pike County would have on the local economy.

"I can not tell you how significant, and important this tool is," Sullivan stressed.

An tax abatement program would give the businesses in the approved areas tax breaks, which in turn could have them expand, and hopefully create more jobs as well as more businesses. The abatement on new construction would cover five years, with taxes gradually phased in over that period.

The program has to be passed by the county, and township, as well as the school for the applicant to receive the abatement.

Student presentation

Students gave a presentation as well that showed a model of what could be done with the 120 acres of land near the new elementary school. They showed that the land could be used not only for the elementary school, but also a county park that they called The Delaware Valley Eco Adventure. In the plans for the county park it showed picnic areas, a botanical garden, as well as other "eco -funny" learning areas. The plan also showed a playground, and garden for the elementary school, solar fields, and other elements for the school.

Another presentation was by Ed Uhler, and the rest of the Engineering and Technology team. The presentation went over the courses that were given, and some of the work that past students have done. Students in some of these programs could get a chance to earn college credits, as well as work with impressive machines, and software, such as the school’s 3D printer.