The Wayne County Arts Alliance is hosting a screening of the film, Queen to Play, Sunday evening, March 10. The public is welcome at 6 p.m., at the Community Room of the Wayne County Visitor's Center, 32 Commercial St., Honesdale.

Based on Bertina Henrichs' acclaimed novel La Joueuse d'echec (The Chess Player), the film Queen to Play is the successful debut of French director and screenwriter Caroline Bottaro.

Set in the postcard-perfect isle of Corsica, the film tells the story of a repressed but quietly intelligent, French chambermaid Hélène (Sandrine Bonnaire). Hélène discovers the game of chess while tidying a room at the seaside inn where she works. She witnesses a game of chess between a hotel guest and his girlfriend. The elements of power, beauty and art, captures her imagination and learning chess becomes an overriding passion. Her obsession with the game, leads her to seek the clandestine tutelage of a reclusive American doctor (Kevin Kline, in his first French-speaking role) and their developing relationship radically transforms both of their lackluster lives.

The unique plot of Queen to Play, luminous landscapes and narrative simplicity has an appeal but it is the compelling performances of Bonnaire and Kline that create a winning strategy.

A donation of $5.00 per person is suggested, to help support Arts Alliance's community events. For more information, visit or contact the Arts Alliance at 390-4420.