Illuminate your space with both

When interior or exterior lighting is planned and installed properly, it can enhance design and create an exciting vibrant space. Lighting plans often are so complex that designers work with architects, builders and customers to create the perfect ambiance. Find out whether you need lamp light or overhead light for your space.

Lighting choices. All areas in the home can benefit from a variety of lighting sources. Ceiling mounted or recessed lights work well for general lighting purposes, and floor or table lamps are great for task lighting in the living areas and bedrooms. Under-cabinet lights and additional track or recessed lights are important for task lighting in work areas like the kitchen.

Brightness. Dimmer switches on overhead lights allow users to customize brightnesses based on the activities and desired mood of the room. Dimmer switches also help save energy by using only the desired amount of light and energy. Also, using energy-efficient bulbs like compact fluorescent and LED bulbs are great energy and money savers. They come in many levels of brightness and can be warm toned or bright.

Lamp light uses. Lamp light is generally considered a task light. This means that lamp light can focus warm, soft light in a small area without illuminating the rest of the room. A bedside table is the perfect spot for a lamp, which restricts light to a small area while others sleep. Lamp light also is useful in the family room. Watching television doesn’t require a bright light, but if someone else in the room would like to read the newspaper, a lamp will offer the task light for that individual.

Overhead light uses. Overhead light is excellent overall room lighting. It brightens the entire space to one level of light. This type of light is often employed in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms. These rooms often benefit from a whole-room lighting solution. The addition of the dimmer switch is particularly useful in a dining room when the mood of dining is more intimate.
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