By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

Plans and negotiations are continuing for the proposed Lake Wallenpauack - Hawley recreational trail, although it may not be able be completed until 2015, said R. Anthony Waldron esq., who is on the Trail Committee.

Waldron is also the solicitor for Palmyra Township (Pike), and he was briefing the Supervisors at their March 5th meeting on progress towards the trail.

The trail is a project of Downtown Hawley Partnership. As envisioned, it would connect the existing Wallenpapack Lake Trail / Wallenpaupack Creek Trail, continuing on an old quarry road through the woods on the Pike side of the creek behind the Hawley Silk Mill, and come out at Cromwell Avenue. From there, walkers will meet up with the Riverside trail in Hawley, reach Bingham Park, and potentially follow the old canal towpath and Route 6 right-of-way, to the D&H Canal Park being developed by the Wayne County Historical Society west of Hawley.

The Pike County portion of the new section of the trail lies within Palmyra-Pike.

Supervisor Eric Ehrhardt met with PPL representatives and reported back to Waldron. Ehrhardt was not present at the March 5th Township meeting. Waldron related that PPL remains "by and large receptive" and wanted to verify that the route lay outside the zone regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which takes in the 3-1/2 mile flowline between the Wallenpaupack dam and the power plant.

Waldron said he was told the trail is not in the FERC zone. A new trail map from Kiley Associates was delivered. There was some minor concern over a foot bridge.

PPL expressed concern that there should not be any work being done on the trail that would conflict with a project PPL is undertaking. Waldron stated that this project, which he did not specify, should be done by 2015 and possibly before.

Parking was also discussed at the Cromwelltown trail access, off Cromwell Avenue just beyond the bridge from Hawley's Eddy neighborhood. Waldron said it appears there will be enough space there for hikers' vehicles, although it would add to the cost.

An easement would be needed from PPL to use the old quarry trail. Waldron said that PPL seemed open to making the project work, although there was no official word as of yet.

Other matters

Two candidates for Magesterial District Judge introduced themselves at the meeting. They are seeking the post now held by retiring Judge Jay Rose. The candidates are Shannon Muir, an attorney practicing in Milford, and Mark Moulton, an attorney whose practice is in Lords Valley.

Sewage fees were raised slightly to compensate for travel costs by Township Sewage Enforcement Officer Glenn Martin. The increase also makes the fees comparable to other townships where he works.

Administrator Jo-Ann Rose is working on a grant from the state to help pay for their recycling program. She said that PA Department of Environmental Protection (DE) personnel were very helpful, but a waste collection ordinance would be required. She said that DEP would require that the Township prohibit burning of paper, such as in burning barrels, if the Township accepts paper for recycling.

Chairman Tom Simon advised showing DEP the burning ordinance that is already in place, adding that the DEP requirement is rather restrictive. Roland Edwards, Code Enforcement Officer, added that it would be tough to enforce. "You'd be running around after every puff of smoke," Edwards said.

The Township could be reimbursed 90 percent of their recycling costs with this grant. Recycling costs Palmyra about $3,500, Rose said. They can't apply for the grant until April.

A quote of $275 was obtained to paint the crosswalk on Route 6 at Gresham's Landing. By the agreement, the Township would have the work done but Gresham's would reimburse the Township. Painting the faded crosswalk, rather than using thermo-plastic was favored, because the latter can become slippery when wet.

A lot combination for Nancy Fedok at Tanglwood Lakes was approved.

Palmyra Twp. (Pike) Supervisors meet on the first and third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., at the Township offices off Gumbletown Road.