By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

HAWLEY- The "BIG BANG" in Hawley was heard literally from one end to the other, but so far, the source has not been found.

People across the town of Hawley reported hearing a very loud "bang" Tuesday evening March 5th. One resident said the noise was accompanied by a flash of light in the sky.

Deputy Fire Chief Eugene Krause said that the Hawley Fire Department was dispatched to a reported explosion in the area of Barker Street apartments, but nothing was found. This was at about 6:15 p.m.

"People in Cromwelltown, North Street, Hudson Street near the sewer authority and at my house on Spruce Street felt and heard the bang along with people in downtown Hawley," Krause reported. It was also heard up near the Silk Mill.

Krause stated, "It definitely wasn't the quarry," referring to the occasional blasting done in the daytime at the stone quarry on the ridge overlooking town.

One resident at Hawley Village Apartments said she was startled by the sudden noise and looked out her window, which faces the Lackawaxen River and Hudson Street. She reported witnessing a bright flash of light.

Borough Assistant Administrator Eva Warner said that several people called the office asking about the noise. One man said his house shook.

If anyone else has a report to share, please contact the managing editor at (570)226-4547 or e-mail The News Eagle at with any details you can add.