By Gina Spenelli

News Eagle correspondent

Delaware Valley held their board meeting at 7 p.m., on Thursday March 14th in Delaware Valley’s Administrative Offices. As members of the board collected into their seats they were greeted by the gentle strumming of an guitar, played by one of their own students, senior Cody Esposito.

Once the meeting was called to order a presentation was given by David Swinehart, the department chair for music. Swinehart showed a short DVD on what musical courses were currently given at Delaware Valley, and some student testimonies. Swinehart’s presentation ended with him giving some ideas on how to increase the number of students who participate in these programs, as well as concerns on how to make these programs better for the students.

"If there is anything the board can do to support keeping students involved in the music program, please bring it follow to us." Bill Greenlaw, told Swinehart.

During the board meeting five resignations were approved for retirement.

"We should accept these resignations with regret," stated John Wroblewski, as shared with many of the other board members.

Two of the resignations were from Elementary school teachers, Elaine McCarthy, and Rosanne Wise who both been working at Delaware Valley for 26 years. The three other resignations for retirement were from Hinda Burke, World Language Teacher, Laura Byrne, Secretary, and Barbara Simmons, Instructional Assistant. For all five of the retirees this is going to be their last school year at Delaware Valley.