Lackawaxen Twp. Fire Commission held their second annual "stuffing party" March 14th, where volunteers from the participating companies got to business preparing their joint fund-raising letter to mail.?John Kerkowski, president of the Commission, reported that they a total of 52 volunteers at Central Volunteer Fire House that evening. They represented the Central, Forest and Lackawaxen Volunteer Fire Departments as well as the Lackawaxen EMS Squad who stuffed flyers into envelopes as well as sort and apply mailing labels.?They will be sending out almost 6,200 appeal letters as part of their 2013 Spring fund drive.?"Except for the printing, this is an all volunteer effort." Kerkowski said. "We don't use a professional service so we can maximize our return and give as much of the money collected as possible to our member Fire Departments. We're most appreciative of how generously everyone responded to last year's appeal and are hoping to do as well, if not better, this year."?The letters were mailed Friday morning, March 15th and were expected to start arriving in residential mail boxes by Monday.?Funds from the drive will be split equally between the three participating fire departments.?This marks their first joint effort since the EMS Squad which replaced Greeley Volunteer Fire Department as their fourth Commission member. As the Commission agreed, the joint fund-raising letter campaign is only for the benefit of the three member fire companies. Lackawaxen EMS will continue to host their own letter drive.?Kerkowski stated that they agreed, with Lackawaxen EMS, to support one another although the fund-drive will be separate for the ambulance company. He said that they have tried to coordinate their mailings so as not to be in competition with each other. Cathy Wargo, the Squad representative to the Commission, was an active part of their group March 14th.?Kerkwoski added that many of the volunteers "where more than one hat" in that they belong to a fire department as well as the EMS squad.?Pizza and donuts were enjoyed by the hungry volunteers at the stuffing party.?The Commission will be holding its regular meeting next Thursday, March 21, where they expect to seat the civilian members from the EMS Squad. That will leave them only one short from the total of eleven commissioners they originally had when the Commission was first established.?] They will also be announcing their selection of an agent for the consolidated insurance program, which will collectively save over $25,000, Kerkowski stated. Compared to what each department is paying individually right now, that represents an average reduction of almost 50 percent in premium.?" Coupled with anticipated savings of as much as $0.60 per gallon from Mike Mancino's consolidated fuel purchasing study and increased efficiencies from implementation of the asset inventory system being evaluated by Sheldon Langer, we are looking forward to a most productive and mutually beneficial year for the Fire Commission and its member organizations," Kerkowski said.