The Jewish holiday observing the Biblical Story of the Exodus from Egypt and the freeing of the Hebrew slaves and also celebrating the coming of Spring will begin on the evening of Monday March 25

thcorresponding to the Hebrew date of the 15th Day of the Month of Nisan. The Festival is observed with celebratory meals on the First and Second Evening. These are called Seder, meaning Order, because the meal and ritual surrounding it consists of 14 parts. The story of the Exodus is retold. Prayers of praise to God before and after the meal are recited. The eating of special symbolic foods symbolizing slavery and then freedom are eaten. The Bible proclaims that for seven days no leavened bread is eaten, only Matzah.

Numbers play an important role in the Seder. There are Four Cups of Wine celebrating Redemption, Four questions that are asked by the younger children concerning the reasons for the celebration; there is an anecdote of how to respond to each of fourtypes of people. The Seder concludes with a symbolic welcoming of the Prophet of Elijah and a special Cup of Wine called Elijah’s cup, the singing of songs and the children’s search for a piece of Matzah, unleavened bread, called the Afikomen.

This year, as the Congregation has done for many years past, the Seder Meal will be observed at Settler’s Inn in Hawley on the Second Night of Passover, Tuesday, March 26. Anyone interested in attending should call Nina Lassley in order to procure reservations.

Nina may be reached at (570)253-7820.