Good health doesn’t start with healthy eating and regular exercise. The balanced life so many people long for—which includes good nutrition and physical fitness—begins with a change of heart and a transformed mind. Motivated to Wellness, a 12 week Bible study, invites members and participants to discover hope and motivation that will sustain them through a lifetime of fitness and good health.

Each year, Americans spend billions of dollars on weight-loss programs and products. Many are on a search for a quick fix, unwilling to consider permanent changes in their lifestyles as the answer. An exciting faith-based program called First Place 4 Health, supported and endorsed by registered dieticians and physicians, has helped over half a million members in 12,000 churches achieve their health and weight loss goals since 1981.

Meeting as a weekly support group, Beach Lake United Methodist Church will be hosting this twelve- week session centered around achieving balance in four essential areas of everyone’s lives: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.

First Place 4 Health encourages members to adopt practical disciplines in all four areas. These include regular attendance and fellowship, prayer, Scripture reading and memory, keeping a food record, and eating well. Members learn how to be victorious over past eating patterns and commit their minds and, ultimately, their bodies to God.

An orientation for Motivated to Wellness, the Spring session of First Place 4 Health, will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 4th, at the Beach Lake United Methodist Church located on 7 Milanville Road, behind the Beach Lake Post Office.

Anyone desiring to participate must attend this important meeting.

Contact the church office at (570)729-7011 to pre-register or learn more information. Registration is $25 for the twelve-week session.

"First Place 4 Health is more than weight-loss – it’s about lifestyle change that encourages every participant to find balance in his or her own life," Carole Lewis, National Director of First Place 4 Health.