To the Editor:

My grandson is a kindergarten student at the Wallenpaupack North Primary school. I have another that will be starting in September. I am very concerned about his safety as well as the safety of the other children. I think that the school should have armed security.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about Newtown and what they could have done to prevent this. The only realistic explanation is armed security; no matter what people think, burying ones head in the sand can never be one of the options. Our children are our most valuable possessions our future. It is our duty to keep them safe and not let any harm come to them ever.

Schools have fundraisers for everything under the sun; why not to pay the officers, if not that then some other way, but for let's do it. How much could taxes possibly be for each person, to make a yearly salary for an officer that is putting their own life on the line for our children. I'll do it in a heartbeat. and without even giving it a second thought every one else should as well.

In the meantime I only hear people talking about gun control. How about start making the schools safer by putting something in to stop these people from getting to our children in the first place. It's a really sad situation but the reality of it is we really do need to stop people from entering the school, once it is in session.

Stop them from entering at the door. If they break a window to get in, the doors should lock and provide no entry. In addition, the children should have a safe room, behind the classroom. Money,well again that's what fund raisers are for, because I don't see anyone putting their hands in their pockets to safeguard the kids. I guess it's more important to spend billions on gun control and Coca Cola. We can get this ball rolling anytime, just tell the school to say the word. My husband and I will also supply the guards with their firearms if need be.


MaryAnn Evichin