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HAWLEY- An employee of the United States Postal Service for 30 years, Bob Paddock is the new postmaster in the Hawley Post Office. After serving in the United States Air Force during the Gulf War, Paddock returned home and was in need of a career. He learned of a part-time delivery route on Saturdays. The rest is history, as Paddock went on to work more than just Saturdays and eventually move onto being a part-time clerk. With time, he became a postmaster, and through the years he has worked in several offices throughout Connecticut as a safety specialist, a field IT support specialist and even a post office operations managerís assistant.

Of the Hawley Post Office, Paddack said the office is similar in size to the last office he was at, in Colchester, Conn. Foot traffic, he said, is slower in Hawley and the delivery system is a little different because there are several highway contractors who deliver the mail, whereas there were very few in Connecticut.

In the Hawley office, Paddack will oversee 11 employees and six contractors, while he is also responsible for the Shohola and Rowland offices. For some time, he said Rowland has been under the Hawley office, while the Shohola office was just picked up two weeks ago. At this time, Paddack said that there are still some transitions going on with those changes.

Of the plan on ending mail deliveries on Saturdays, Paddack said he doesnít know anything more than anyone else. But, he said, in his opinion, he does think mail deliveries will stop someday, because the amount of mail is, "changing significantly."

Although he has been a postmaster before, Paddack said he is excited because every post office he has worked at, has been a little different. But still, he said, "thereís always a little anxiety, thereís definitely a learning curve," as he has to learn who does what within the offices.

The Hawley staff, he said, seems very capable because they handle things well. So far, he said, the staff has made his transition very easy. He concluded that he, "hopes to continue to provide a good service to the community and I do believe in, good customer service and on time delivery."

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