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PIKE COUNTY - Several contested elected offices appear on the May 21st Primary Ballot in Pike County. Among the challenges, voters have a choice of candidates for Sheriff, District Justice for two courts, and several municipal boards and tax collector positions.

Pike County Elections Office released the "unofficial" candidate list. March 27th is the last day any candidate who filed a petition may withdraw his or her name from the ballot. After that date, the list becomes official.

In the Primary, voters must choose within their own party, Republican or Democrat. In some cases, there is no actual contest for the Spring Primary, but challenges await the November General Election when votes are cast regardless of party affiliation.

Even uncontested ballot races or ballot positions without a candidate, can change dramatically with successful write-in campaigns. If no one is running, to be counted as a potential nominee, there must be at least 10 valid write-in Primary votes for a township or borough race or 100 write-in votes for a county level race.

There are only three ballot contests for Democratic voters this time around. They include the two races for District Court and Lehman Township Tax Collector.

There are no municipal ballot challenges at all in Blooming Grove Twp.; Matamoras Borough, Milford Borough; Milford Twp.; Palmyra Twp.; Porter Twp. or Shohola Twp.


As it stands at present, voters can follow these contested ballot races:


Pike County Sheriff: Republican voters will choose between incumbent Phil Bueki, and Nancy Price. There are no Democrats running.

District Judge

There are two contested races for Magisterial District Judge.

For District Court 60-3-02, covering Blooming Grove, Greene and Palmyra Townships, there are two candidates both running on a split Republican/Democratic ticket. They are Shannon L. Muir and Mark E. Moulton, both practicing attorneys. Judge Jay Rose, who is serving in this post, is retiring.

District Court 60-3-04, now served by Judge Stephen McBride, covers Delaware, Lehman and Porter Townships. There are two candidates, Paul Menditto who is running on a split Republican/ Democratic ticket, and Robert A. Bowell, who is running on the Democratic side.

Municipal races

In Delaware Township, Republicans Marguerite Nemeth and Jeffrey Scheetz are running for one open Supervisor seat.

Also in Delaware Township, there is a hot contest set up for Tax Collector, with four Republican candidates, Bob Byrne, Dennis Lee, Virginia Shamlian and Amanda Henderson.

In Dingman Township, three people are running for Tax Collector on the Republican ticket: James Leiser, Marian Foran and Laura Orben.

EDITOR'S NOTE:Kerry W. Welsh is running for Dingman Township supervisor, NOT for tax collector as stated previously. In addition, Laura Orben's name was not included in the first published version.

Greene Township voters will choose from two Republican candidates for Supervisor, incumbent Edward H. Simon and Charles A. Olsommer.

In Lackawaxen Township, three people are vying for one Supervisor seat, on the Republican ticket. Incumbent Brian Stuart is being challenged by Ronald M. Tussel Jr., and Michael "Mike" Mancino.

Lehman Township voters will choose from two Republican candidates for Supervisor, Dick Vollmer and Nelson Roig.

Lehman Tax Collector Roseann E. Van Why, a Democrat, is seeking a new term but is challenged by Diane Hinson and Joyce A. Morgan.

Two Republicans are vying for Lehman Township Auditor 6-year term: Mark Moorehead and George Kelly.

Westfall Township, where there is a five-member Board of Supervisors, has two open seats. Three Republicans are trying to win a place at the table: Robert J. Bostinto, Lester James Buchanan and Jerry Dotey.

Two Republicans are competing for the post of Tax Collector in Westfall Township: Incumbent Laurie L. Pearce and Megan Banach.

Complete list

The complete, "unofficial" list of Pike County, PA candidates for the May 21, 2013 Primary follows:

Countywide Sheriff R Nancy Price

Countywide Sheriff R Phil Bueki

60-3-02 Magisterial District Judge R/D Shannon L. Muir

60-3-02 Magisterial District Judge R/D Mark E. Moulton

60-3-04 Magisterial Disctrict Judge R/D Paul Menditto

60-3-04 Magisterial District Judge D Robert A. Bowell

DVSD School Director 2 yr R/D Pam Lutfy

DVSD School Director 2 yr R/D Jessica Adler Decker

DVSD School Director 4 yr R/D Susan Schor

DVSD School Director 4 yr R/D Pam Lutfy

DVSD School Director 4 yr R/D Jessica Adler Decker

DVSD School Director 4 yr R/D John R. Fisher

WAHS School Director R/D John Kiesendahl

WAHS School Director R/D Coulby Dunn

WAHS School Director R/D Lisa Smith

WAHS School Director R/D Michael Romeo

Blooming Grove Supervisor R Randy Schmalzle

Blooming Grove Tax Collector R Kaye Ernst

Blooming Grove Tax Collector D Jeanine Tenzi

Blooming Grove Auditor D James Pellechia

Delaware Supervisor R Marguerite Nemeth

Delaware Supervisor R Jeffrey Scheetz

Delaware Tax Collector R Bob Byrne

Delaware Tax Collector R Dennis Lee

Delaware Tax Collector R Virginia Shamlian

Delaware Tax Collector R Amanda Henderson

Delaware Tax Collector D Mary Lou Corbett

Delaware Auditor R Jane Neufeld

Delaware Constable R Edward Hammond

Dingman Supervisor R Kerry W. Welsh

Dingman Tax Collector R James Leiser

Dingman Tax Collector R Marian Foran

Dingman Tax Collector R Laura Orben

Dingman Tax Collector D Jesse Tashlik

Dingman Auditor R Denise Ayala

Greene Supervisor R Edward H. Simon

Greene Supervisor R Charles A. Olsommer

Greene Tax Collector R Barbara Gilpin

Greene Auditor 6 year R Steven Nesco

Greene Auditor 4 year R Debra K. Gunnip

Lackawaxen Supervisor R Brian Stuart

Lackawaxen Supervisor R Ronald M. Tussel, Jr.

Lackawaxen Supervisor R Michael "Mike" Mancino

Lackawaxen Tax Collector R Frances E. James

Lehman Supervisor R Dick Vollmer

Lehman Supervisor R Nelson Roig

Lehman Tax Collector R Hal H. Harris

Lehman Tax Collector D Roseann E. Van Why

Lehman Tax Collector D Diane Hinson

Lehman Tax Collector D Joyce A. Morgan

Lehman Auditor 6 year R Mark Moorhead

Lehman Auditor 6 year R George Kelly

Lehman Auditor 6 year D Jacquelyn B. Wells

Matamoras Boro Councilman R Peter Sigreto

Matamoras Boro Councilman R JoAnn Featherman

Matamoras Boro Councilman R Kevin M. Rose

Matamoras Boro Councilman R Lynn Moore

Matamoras Boro Councilman D Linda O'Donnell

Matamoras Boro Councilman D Joseph Sain

Matamoras Boro Councilman D Eric Kudrich

Matamoras Boro Tax Collector D Jane Drake

Milford Boro Mayor R Robert Bo Fean

Milford Boro Councilman R Joseph Casmus

Milford Boro Councilman R Robert W. Ciervo

Milford Boro Councilman R Karen Loeschorn

Milford Boro Tax Collector R Carol S. Osterberg

Milford Twp Supervisor R Ray Willis

Milford Twp Supervisor D Gary Clark

Milford Twp Tax Collector R Viola K. Canouse

Palmyra Supervisor R Thomas A. Simons

Palmyra Tax Collector R Maria Coutts

Palmyra Auditor D Bernadine A. Lennon

Porter Supervisor R Kenneth J. Kohler

Porter Tax Collector D Joan Horger

Shohola Supervisor R Keith W. Raser

Shohola Tax Collector D Elizabeth Myers

Westfall Supervisor R Robert J. Bostinto

Westfall Supervisor R Lester James Buchanan

Westfall Supervisor R Jerry Dotey

Westfall Supervisor D William Jamros

Westfall Tax Collector R Laurie L. Pearce

Westfall Tax Collector R Megan Banach.