By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

WAYNE COUUNTY -Across Wayne County, PA, there are several election challenges on the May 21, 2013 Primary ballot. Among others, there is a contested race for Supervisor in Paupack Township, Texas Township and Lake Township. Voters in Sterling Township are being asked if they approve small games of chance.

Note: Uncontested races are not listed here except in a few cases, of which there are many. The full list will be published later.

In Hawley Borough, although there are no contests on the Primary ballot, the list of candidates foresee a lively Council election season for November.

Wayne County Bureau of Elections released the "unofficial" candidate list. Candidates had until March 27 to decide if they wish to withdraw from the ballot; afterwards the list will be deemed official.

In the Primary, voters must vote within their own party, Republican or Democrat.

Even uncontested ballot races or ballot positions without a candidate, can change dramatically with successful write-in campaigns. If no one is running, to be counted as a potential nominee, there must be at least 10 valid write-in Primary votes for a township or borough race or 100 write-in votes for a county level race.

Hawley Borough

There are both four-year and two-year terms for Council on the ballot.

Under the 4-year term, voters may pick three. Only two are running on the Republican side, both incumbent, John B. Robertson Jr. and Michele Rojas.

On the Democratic side, voters may pick three, and only three candidates are running, Marty Cox, Ann Monaghan and Tiffany G. Rogers.

Under the 2-year term, voters are asked to pick two. There are two Republicans, both incumbents: Donald Kyzer and Mary C. Sanders. There are two Democrats running, Jill C. Carletti and James A. Simpson.

Top vote-getters in both cases then proceed to November's ballot.

In November, for the 4-year term, voters will be able to pick three, of either party, with five candidates running.

For the 2-year term, voters will pick of two of either party, from the four that are running.

Note: David Kevin Hawk is running unopposed for a second term as mayor, on the Democratic ticket. Barbara S. Middaugh is also running unopposed, for another term as tax collector, on the Democratic ticket.

Ballot question

Voters in Sterling Township are given a referendum ballot question. They may vote "yes" or "no" to: "Do you favor the issuance of licenses to conduct small games of chance in the Township of Sterling?"

Primary challenges

Clinton Township Republican voters have a choice for Supervisor, Ken Coles and Ryan Wilmarth. Robert H. Christman is running as a Democrat and will face the Republican Primary winner, in November.

In Damascus Township, two Republicans are vying for supervisor, Steven R. Adams and Charles Grady.

Dyberry Township Republicans may choose between Edward H. Fritsch and John F. Walker for Supervisor.

Lake Township Republicans are given two choices for supervisor 4-year, Timothy Jaggars and Charles White. Joseph Gwozdziewycz runs unopposed as a Democrat, for supervisor 4-year.

There is also a contest for Lake Twp. Inspector of Election, with two Republicans, Anita Cook and Barbara Pannone.

In Paupack Township, incumbent Bruce Chandler, a Republican, faces a challenge from John Barnett and Randy Glosenger.

There is a Tax Collector contest in Salem Towship, between Republicans Karen J. Janiszewski and Marlene Yedinak.

In Texas Township, incumbent Supervisor Paul Sprague has his name on both the 6-year term and 2-year term, as a Republican. Incumbent Allan Wickle is running for the 6-year term, as a Republican.

School Boards

There are also contests for Western Wayne and Forest Regional School Boards.

Voters will be able to vote for one, for Western Wayne. District 1. Andrew Andy Falonk and Andrew J. Gaudenzi are running on the Republican side, and Donald H. McDonough and J. Ames Salak are each running on a split Rep/Dem ticket.

For Western Wayne District 2, Nicole E. Bolduc is on the Republican side, and Bernice Fiorella is on a split Rep/Dem ticket.

There is also a choice in Clinton Township-1, for the Forest City Regional School Board Region 1. Vote one, from a choice of two: Mary Costanzo and Linda Zefran, each running on a split Rep/Dem ticket.