To the Editor:

I would like to offer my support to the employees and contractors of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Northeast Upgrade Project. I have lived in this community for 42 years and have seen many changes. If one of those changes involves a gas pipeline being upgraded, and means that our country could be less dependent on foreign energy sources, I support that. Many homes, businesses and offices in our area use natural gas to heat their home, their water, and to cook with. I find it ironic that the opponents to the pipeline could be sitting at a restaurant, in a doctor's office, or a friend's home that is heated by gas. I bet they are toasty!

As for the people who have come to this area to work on this project, I have had the privilege of meeting and forming friendships with many of them. They are hard working people who believe in the company they work for.

They support many local businesses in the area. Hotels, landlords, restaurants, dentists and doctor offices, car repair shops, hair salons and barber shops, and many other small businesses benefit from this project. Many have been here for months some for years. They have also been able to provide jobs to people looking to supplement an income, and in some cases provide full time employment.

Perhaps the protesters, in their quest to stage tree sittings, and such could sit in on a meeting with veterans, who have sacrificed their time and lives to give Americans the comforts many of us sometimes take for granted. Ask them their opinions, they've earned it.

Or perhaps they could sit in a homeless man's car that he calls home, and help find a solution to his situation. Get him into a shelter of a place that may be heated by what else? Natural gas.


Sandy St. Onge