LACKAWANNA COUNTY- State Police Dunmore issued an update about a claim by a Carbondale man that someone impersonating a law enforcement officer stopped him on the Casey Highway (Route 6) on March 22nd.

Trooper FC Richard Bozym, on April 2nd, said that after a State Police investigation, they determined it was an actual Lackawanna County Detective that stopped the man for motor vehicle violations. The detective filed summary citations at District Court.

The motorist had complained to State Police that he had been stopped  by someone who said he was a Lackawanna County sheriff and "displayed some kind of badge in a case." The motorist said the man that stopped him was operating a car with red and blue lights in the grill and inside the windshield. The detective was said to have yelled at him, "using obscenities," about his speeding and said he would be getting tickets in the mail.

State Police were given a description of the detective and his car.

Having found out it was authentic after all, Trooper FC Bozm stated, "Case closed."