Open Letter to Thomas Starosta, PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP):


I am writing you to voice my displeasure with the new [proposed] sewage system policy. Having bought property in Wayne County and planning to build sometime in the future I am very concerned about the added regulation and potential expense that this new policy will bring to my building project. It is a distinct possibility that the new policy could render the whole property unbuildable. This would be devastating to me and my family.

At a time when people are struggling to make ends meet this policy will only serve to further erode the path to the American dream.

Don't get me wrong. I am an outdoorsman and fully understand the importance of clean water and air.

I live in the crux of the area that this legislation will impact the most. We have many exceptional value streams in the area. We have vigilant public officials that currently enforce the laws on the books to protect these environmental assets. Our water quality has been improving due to local organizations such as the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, The Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Managment District, The Pike and Wayne County Conservation Districts and I am sure I have left a few out.

I thank you for serving the people of the Commonwealth of PA; however, I do not agree with the current policy being presented and I urge you to take this proposal off the record.


Jeff Sidle, Hawley, Pa.