The Pike County Bar Association officers presented a check in the amount of $5,000 to the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program to assist the continuation of the adult literacy program.

The donation helped the Literacy Program meet the criteria of the 2012 Villaume Foundation grant of $5,000.00 in matching funds. The vision of the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program is to support adults in their endeavors to function as literate and contributing members of society.Pike County Bar Association President Elizabeth A. Erickson Kameen commended the Literacy Program for their valuable contribution to the community and said that the ability to read and write is essential for people to function at their highest potential as a member of society. She thanked the efforts of the adult students, their teachers and the members of the Pike Co. Bar Association. Further information regarding the Pike Co. Bar Assoc. can be found


Additional Adult Literacy information is located atWayne Pike Adult Literacy Program 1406 N. Main St. Honesdale, PA 18431; (570)253-3221

For more information on the Pike County Bar Association, visit them online at www. For additional information on the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program visit them online at