To the Editor:?I know what it's like for a woman to struggle to support two daughters on a retail salary. I saw my mother do it for years, faced with the hardship of serving as the primary breadwinner of her family when her disabled husband could no longer work. She counted every penny—and every red cent?she sent to Uncle Sam.?She did not want those hard-earned dollars to be spent on abortion. And poll after poll shows she was hardly alone. In fact a Quinnipiac poll showed that 70 percent of American women do not want public funding of abortion through the new federal health care program.?At last count 21 other states have passed legislation opting out of abortion funding under the health insurance exchanges created by the health care law. Pennsylvania needs to do the same, for all those women out there who work a full shift, then jump into their cars to work a second unpaid job caring for children, grandchildren, or aging relatives. They are financially-strapped to the max, and the last thing they want is for the government to use their money to line the pockets of the abortion?industry.

Sincerely,?Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, PA Pro-Life Fed.