To the Editor:

Our school district is trying desperately to build an unnecessary, $20 million primary school in the "death zone" of a high-pressure gas pipeline, and not one of us in the community has been asked whether we want to do such an outrageous thing.

We need to have a referendum on whether to build it. We the people who are going to have to pay for it and face the embarrassment in the media if worse comes to worst -- and are asked why we allowed such an outrage to occur -- we should be allowed to vote on it.

Up to now, we in Pike County have been treated as serfs in a feudal dictatorship, with no say in how our tax dollars (and perhaps children's lives) are spent.

I can't be the only one affronted by this.

A referendum's only fair. It's our money, they are our children, and this is our community.


Anthony Splendora, Milford