By Gina Spinelli

News Eagle Correspondent

WESTFAALL TWP. - The Delaware Valley School District held their board meeting March 21st in their Dingman-Delaware Middle School Cafeteria at 7 p.m.

The issue on whether, or not the board members should vote yes on the tax abatement program, or the LERTA (Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Act.) came up again. Michael Sullivan, the Director of Pike County Chamber of Commerce was joined by Pike County Commissioners, Matt Osterberg and Karl Wagner. They tried to press the benefits of the program to the board members.

"We are never going to allow the school district to have less money than they had the previous year prior to these projects coming in," Michael Sullivan stressed.

They confirmed that the Shohola Township had already passed the tax abatement program. They also stated that Dingman Township, and Lackawaxen Township, as well as Wallenpaupack School District were on board with the idea of the program. They also confirmed that the school board could opt out of the program if they found that it was not working in a couple years.

Board member John Wroblewski was with the Commissioners, and Michael Sullivan, feeling that the tax abatement program would be not much of a risk for the school district.

Not all of the board members were on the same page with the tax abatement program.

"It just doesn‘t make logical sense to me," Jack Fisher stated feeling that having the tax abatement program will not end up making money for the school district, or that the jobs that the tax abatement program will bring will have high enough wages to keep their children in the area.

Even with the mixed opinions about the issue, it was agreed that a resolution would be found and voted on in the near future.

Other items

There was also a brief presentation to recognizes some of their student athletes. The following teams recognized were:

• Competitive Cheerleading Team

• Boys and Girls Swimming Teams

• Wrestling Team.

Another meeting had to be scheduled when the board couldn’t get enough votes to resolve the issue of using a property owner's land to create a emergency exit for the new Delaware Valley Elementary School. The board mentioned that the driveway would be gated, and only used in emergency proposes.

A new meeting was scheduled so they would have more time to come up with a agreement with the land owner, and being able to revote on it.