By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

KIMBLES- Forest Volunteer Fire Department (Company 81), which includes their dive team, has been producing a series of videos showing their rescue training exercises, whether down a ravine, through the ice or deep underwater. The videos are used for recruiting volunteers and education, and may be viewed on YouTube.

The most recent video shows their firefighters and rescue personnel arriving at a spot near the Kimbles Bridge where a "victim" on the rocks near the Lackawaxen River is in need of rescue. Accompanied by background instrumental music, you may witness the volunteers play out what emergency responders do best across our nation, jumping into concerted and disciplined action, as the team focuses on safe rescue and recovery of a fellow human being in peril.

Taking the viewer down the embankment with them, the video shows how different personnel perform necessary tasks, from securing a rope to binding the "victim" onto a stretcher. Surrounded by responders, the "victim" is carried up to safety as level as possible. Lackawaxen Ambulance is waiting on top to treat and ferry the person away.

The YouTube video may be seen at .

Jonathan "Ben" Teichberg was the producer. Videography was by Fred Van Lenten and Harrison Balthaser. Rosemary Schuster provided the still shots. The music is "Mobilization," done by Jim Carroll and Chris George.

Videos of firefighting exercises are planned.

Balthaser, who is captain of their dive team, showed some of their videos at the Emergency Responders Club at Wallenpaupack Area High School about a month ago, and gave a presentation on ice rescue tools and techniques. "The ice rescue ones were well received at the high school, and they helped me to get and hold the students' attention," Balthaser said.

"Due to some of our recent calls (most recently the incident at Shohola Gorge), our focus this year is upgrading our high angle skills, and continuing our swiftwater education," Balthaser stated. "That drill was just a warm up for what we hope to achieve this year and in the future."

Teichberg is Lieutenant and Master Instructor with Company 81.

Company 81's dive team also joined with Newtown Underwater Search & Rescue Team and others on a joint exercise on January 19, near Bethlehem, PA. A video was made of the Sandy Hook Memorial Dive, which sent divers to a the body of a submerged school bus. A memorial plaque was mounted on the bus by the divers. Balthaser notes, "In an ideal world, the school bus ALWAYS takes you home."

This and dive rescue training videos from Company 81 may be viewed at: .

Forest Volunteer Fire Department is located in Kimbles, east of Hawley. Their web address is