By Diane Houghtaling

Desperation is a catalyst for change. When we find ourselves in desperate situations, fear arises. How we respond to the fear caused by desperation can affect us for the rest of our lives.

I recently watched a couple movies about two teenage girls who found themselves in very desperate situations. But they handled the fear of their desperation quite differently.

In one movie a 17-year-old girl had to find her missing father in order to save her home, as this was the only means she had to care for her sick mother and younger siblings. She had to face some dangerous situations and people who had hurt her. Her first attempts to reach out for help were met with rejection.

But as the desperation grew and time was running out, courage arose within her to face her fears and the dangers surrounding her. When others saw the courage she displayed, they stepped in to help. Her home was saved and the needs of her family were met by the kindness of strangers.

The second movie was about a 19-year-old single mother. She was very sick and couldnít care for herself or her baby. After losing her job and apartment, she was also rejected by family she turned to for help. In her desperation she gave into the fear and abandoned her baby and ran away.

Her situation was finally turned around when the strangers sheíd left the baby with had compassion upon her and reached out to her with help.

We see how the fear that arises in desperate circumstances can affect people differently. It can cause some to make good choices and others poor choices. But the choices we make in desperate times can change our lives forever.

There are desperate people everywhere we look who have reached the end of themselves. They are without hope, without resources and donít have others to help them. They donít know what to do or where to turn.

If you find yourself in such circumstances, know that there is always help available. There are people who can help even if youíve been turned away by others. God is always available and always willing to help. Cry out to Him in your desperation. He will guide you to make right choices and lead you to those who can help you.

If you arenít in a desperate situation right now, remember that one day you could be. There are desperate people all around you who need someone to care and reach out to them with help. The kindness of strangers can make all the difference in desperate situations.

It takes much courage to ask for help. Rejection can drive some to give into the fear of desperation and make bad choices. But if you are willing to reach out, the rewards will far outweigh the inconveniences or price you pay to make a difference in a desperate life.

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