See if bus line would stop at Boro Hall, park

By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

HAWLEY- Grant funding will be sought for a couple of enclosed bus stops, to encourage ShortLine to consider pickup and drop off at the Hawley Borough Hall and Bingham Park.

Council Vice-president Mary Sanders stressed at the Council meeting April 10th that this was just a proposal. They have some left over grant funding from the sidewalk revitalization project. If they find that the use of the funds for bus stops would be acceptable by the state, then Council would ask if ShortLine bus company would agree.

Currently, ShortLine picks up and drops off passengers near the corner of Main Avenue and Church Street, not far from Fluff's Deli where tickets are sold. Some merchants have complained that the bus pickup can tie up traffic since there is no designated place for the bus to pull off the street. There are also no enclosed bus stops to wait for the bus.

The Borough's grants consultant James Martin was asked about how they could use up funds from the downtown project, before the time frame had expired. There did not appear to be enough time or funds to rebuild the raised sidewalk in front of the Skier building by the bridge. There was some thought about using the money for benches and trash receptacles, but the bus stop enclosure came to mind.

Sanders proposed that one bus stop could go by the Borough Hall and the other across the street by the park. They would offer protection from the weather and a place to sit, and would be designed to complement the park. She added that no design may be aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

A school bus stop at Keystone and Main was suggested but there may not be adequate space to make the shelter handicap-accessible. At the park the shelter could be put out of the right-of-way.

She noted that ShortLine parks their buses next to the Borough Hall for the night anyway.

More Council news will be reported separately.

Hawley Council meets on the second Wednesday at 7 p.m.