Sickler's has opened a new outlet locally to serve Lake Region outdoor fanatics

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts now have another outlet in the Lake Region where they can get their equipment fix filled.

Longtime Lackawanna County cycling retailer, Sicker's added a new store to its chain on March 1 when they opened up in the Silk Mill.

"We're planning a Grand Opening on May 11, but we're open in the meantime," said manager Zach Wentzel.

A New Era

Located in the space formerly occupied by the 84 Country Store, Wentzel noted that Sicklers' has also taken space that used to be used for the Spinning studio.

"We've got 3000 feet of space here and that gives us a lot of room for both sales and service," he said.

The shop will be carrying a wide array of styles to suit cyclists of all levels.

Schwinn, GT and Cannondale are among the primary brands featured in the Hawley store.

Wentzel also promised that, due to the proximity of Sicklers' other locations, customers who desire another brand (such as Jamis, Scott or Fuji) could easily have an order filled within 24 hours.

Similarly, Sicklers' will be able to service just about any bike a rider might bring in.

Mark MacKenzie, the Hawley shop's primary mechanic, boasts seven years of bike tech experience. He is ready for anything, from the local rider that needs an entire bike overhauled to fixing a simple problem on a bike brought in by a tourist in town for a weekend.

In addition to cyclists, Wentzel hopes to capitalize on the fitness crowd as well. Aside from bikes and accessories, the shop also carries Spinning shoes as well as softgoods for riders and Spinners alike.


The quest for a third location had actually been going on for some time, Wentzel explained.

"We were originally focused on the Mid-Valley area and thought it would be great to be located be near the Lackawanna River Trail," he said.

"We looked in that area for two years but just couldn't find a space that met our needs.

"In the meantime, we had started getting lot of customers from the Lake Region coming to our Clarks Summit shop for sales and service. That's when we began to look at Hawley and Honesdale as viable locations as well."

Wentzel added they had considered downtown locations in both Hawley and Honesdale.

However, the decision to move into the Silk Mill came about largely due to Sicklers' owner, David Kaplan's relationship with Lackawanna College (the Silk Mill's primary tenant) as well as an overall lower operational cost of doing business offered by the Silk Mill.

"Little by little we're getting moved in," said Wentzel as he stepped around some empty fixtures recently brought into the shop.

While bike rentals are still a few months away, in the meantime there will be several opportunities for potential customers to try out some of the latest bikes.

"We've got a lot planned in the near future," he added. "We're going to have Cannondale here in April and there will definitely be some of our reps here for the Grand Opening. In June, we'll also be at the Prompton Park Pedal & Paddle weekend."

Wentzel also is hoping to use the shop as a podium to advocate for the development of infrastructure to support both recreational cycling as well as every-day bike use.

"We really want to be a part of the community," Wentzel said.

"Obviously we're interested in working with groups and agencies that want to develop trails for bike use, but we're planning to offer clinics on bike safety and bike repair as well."

Centrally Located

The addition of a cycling shop in Hawley will certainly serve a wide array of individuals.

The major state routes are all popular rides for both local and visiting road cyclists.

PA Bike Route "Y" goes right by the shop. Similarly, the shop is in close proximity to local state forest and state park lands popular with mountain bikers.

All in all, the team at Sicklers' seems to be set for success.