HAWLEY - The Gold Magnolias are in concert Saturday, May 4 at the Boiler Room in the Hawley Silk Mill.

Similar to how the Beatles and other phenomenal bands crafted their style and prowess by showcasing for the hardest to please crowds, the Gold Magnolias’ exciting, funky and intoxicating soulful grooves are largely due to the dark underground bars of the South that paidthem in tequila and chicken wings.

However, it wasn’t long before this dynamic band, in the traditions of southern blues, soul and jazz, became a coveted item when they moved to New York and found their spell-binding frontman Anselmi. It’s no surprise that the influences on various members of the band

 include Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Otis Redding, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton; their music clearly echoes legendary and reminds you that music is about being human and feeling a pulse rather than just a beat.An incredible performance in the truest sense of the word, band member, Even Felts says, "

We are a live band.  Period. I mean, we recorded our album live. We play shows live. We are very performance based."  Yet underneath all the excitement of their wildly entertaining presence, there are lyrics and song structures that will touch you, soften your heart and certainly make you laugh. Don’t miss the The Gold Magnolias, performing with Harmony Presents in the Boiler Room of the Hawley Silk Mill over the gorgeous view of Wallenpaupack High Falls. Get a glimpse of them online at www.silkmillharmony.comand then come see the show in their natural state, live on stage, Saturday, May 4th. Reserve a seat by going to