WAYMART- Don’t throw away that old cell phone, camera or PC component. Save it and recycle it at the 2013 Home & Garden Festival free Electronics Recycling event.

The Wayne County Builders Association will be hosting a one-day electronic recycling event to help divert electronic equipment from landfills, where they may contaminate soil and water. Electronics dropped off that day will be sorted and disassembled into raw materials or cleaned for re-use.

Recyclables must be dropped off during the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 27 during the Home & Garden Festival held at Ladore Camp & Conference Center off of Owego Turnpike near Waymart. Almost anything with an electrical cord can be recycled. There is no fee but donations are welcome and will benefit the WCBA. Anyone can participate as admission is also free into the Festival.

Businesses and residents with a large amount of materials are asked to pre-register for a designated drop off time so we can efficiently accommodate your needs by providing additional volunteers to assist you. For more information or to pre-register, contact the Wayne County Builders Association at (570) 226-4941 or info@waynecountybuilders.com

Acceptable Items:

They will recycle for free: Desktop computers, Telephones, Mini-towers, Modems, Telephone equipment, Laptop computers, Adding machines, Monitors, Calculators, Servers, Typewriters, Workstations, Label makers, Keyboards, Copiers, Fax machines, Joystick game controllers, Answering machines, Printers, Printer cartridges, Digital cameras, Zip drives, Batteries, Speakers, PDA’s, Pagers, VCR’s Hubs, DVD players, Routers, Cable converter boxes, Scanners, Remote controls, Digital projectors, Stereo equipment, UPS units, Radios, Main frames, Portable CD players, Component parts, Portable game players, Cables, GPS receivers, 3-in1-devices, printers/copier/fax machines, Electric lawn mowers and garden equipment.