By Katie Collins News Eagle Reporter

LAKE REGION - Tons of people showed up for the Pike-Wayne Earth Day Festival Saturday, at PPL’s Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center to learn about the environment and many of Mother Nature’s creatures.

From early in the morning to mid-afternoon, organizations and families were at the Center, teaching others about various issues in the environment and topics like bee keeping and the importance of recycling.

Activities and exhibits at the festival included everything from some food sampling to learning how to turn old tee-shirts into shopping bags. There were snacks, bird walks and more with organizations like the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management District, Upper Delaware National Park Service and more present to educate people about their missions.

Sofia Manoy was at the festival with her mom volunteering as representatives of SEEDS, sustainable energy educational development support, that works to develop renewable energy in the area while they also try to promote a sustainable lifestyle. On a bicycle, Manoy demonstrated how much of her energy it took to light three different kinds of light bulbs.

The McCabe family attended the festival because it was an opportunity to learn about the environment. The Delaware Highlands Eagle Conservancy presented a nest that was similar to what eagles would make in the wild. The nests can be so large, that the conservancy's example was large enough for the entire McCabe family to fit it.

While Zoe Badner, and her sister Erika, were at the festival with their parents Cheryl and Stuart as corporate waste consultants educating people about the importance of recycling and how simple it is to actually do. Of recycling, Zoe said, "it’s really good for the earth." As parents, Stuart said the family’s presentation was a way for, "kids teaching kids, that’s where it starts."