By Diane Houghtaling

A friend shared a story about her missing cat who was nowhere to be found. She continued to call to her and heard her meowing but couldn’t spot her anywhere. She asked her son to join in the hunt. He narrowed the sound down to another building and finally decided the cat might be stuck in the chimney.

Her son climbed up on the roof to take a peek and found kitty stuck in the chimney. The only thing they could find to try to get her out was a potato hook. As he carefully lowered the pronged end down the chimney he found that he could reach the cat but didn’t want to hurt her.

While trying to determine how he could get the hooks under the cat, she suddenly grabbed onto the hooks, clutching for dear life. He was able to pull the potato hook back up with kitty hanging on to that lifeline. He finally got her to a place where he could reach her and complete the rescue.

No matter what situation we find ourselves stuck in, God is our very present help in time of need. He will always make a lifeline available to us. We need to be aware of the line, grab ahold and hang on for dear life as He pulls us through.

In early 2002 after a prayer meeting the pastor’s wife told me that God had a message for me. She was hesitant to share but obeyed anyway. She said that even though my husband might not be able to work for a while the Lord was going to use that time to teach us to trust Him more. I had no idea what was going to happen so I just started praying that it wouldn’t be too bad.

Two weeks later I was rushing Keith to the emergency room with chest pains. They admitted him to the hospital for further testing. Two days later he had a heart attack and was rushed to ICU.

I sat in the ICU waiting room alone, crying and praying, so afraid he might not make it. Suddenly these words popped into my mind: "Even though your husband won’t be able to work for a while the Lord is going to use that time to teach you to trust Him more." Those words became a lifeline for me to hang on to. I reasoned that if he wasn’t going to be able to work and would learn to trust the Lord more, then he had to be alive to do that. So I knew he wasn’t going to die.

The Bible is filled with God’s promises to us that become a lifeline to hang on as we go through the difficulties of life. These words can give us the assurance that God is close at hand and will rescue us in our times of need.

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