By Cheryl Mitchell

News Eagle Correspondent

GREENE TWP. - "Will the new privy ordinance put the township in the sewage collection business?," Asked resident Al Haldeman at the regular Greene Township supervisors' May 1st meeting. "I don't want to see the township in the porta john business."

"The agency to pump or remove the sewage, as indicated by the ordinance," sewage enforcement officer, Don Nicholson explained, "would be an approved collector or hauler."

"The sewage can be pumped or the receptacle taken to a site to be disposed of," he continued. "Porta johns are acceptable as a privy. The ordinance was adapted from the suggested privy ordinance from the Department of Environmental Protection."

"Some municipalities actually engage in waste removal. Our township requires an approved collector. The ordinance does allow in the future for the municipality to remove the sewage and would address a possible future problem of no local approved available contractors," Solicitor Jeffrey Treat explained.

The supervisors adopted the Privy Ordinance after adding "licensed hauler" for removal of sewage, so that the township cannot infringe upon a private business.

Right to Know cost

"I refuse to pay the bill for the copied emails requested under the Right to Know law," supervisor MaryAnn Hubbard told the other supervisors. "The information was not given properly under the Right to Know law. If I had know what the amount was, I would have asked for it in a different format."

The bill, in the amount of $630, was for more than 2000 pages of copied emails.

"Any supervisor could look at the records and make a copy without using the Right to Know law," Treat noted. "This is a cost the taxpayers will bear if it is not paid. I have to recommend that the bill be paid."

"What about the costs to the taxpayers of all the advertisements that were made improperly," Hubbard retorted. "I will decide after discussing with legal council to pick up the copies and pay for it."


• Supervisors agreed to accept the bid from Atkinson Materials, the lowest bidder, but the township must receive the certificate of insurance prior to awarding the contract, for 3000 tons of RC , 200 tons of R4 rip rap, 100 tons of R5, 2000 tons of drive and surface aggregate, and 100 tons of #3 stone.

• The supervisors award a contract to Ciccone Construction, the only bidder, for 500 tons of cinders, awarded the bid for 20,000 +/- gallons of calcium to Peckham Industries, the only bidder, and awarded the contract for the Clean Up day to Palmisano Containers, the only bidder.

• The supervisors directed Solicitor Jeffrey Treat to draft an ordinance requiring a licensed survey for any building permit.

• Clean Up Day is Saturday, May 18, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Simon announced.

"Hopefully residents will pay with checks but we will be prepared to take cash," supervisor Gary Carlton said.

The Greene Township Supervisors meet on the first Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Township offices on Brink Hill Road, Greentown.