LACKAWAXEN - Brian Stuart, chairman of the Board of Supervisors for Lackawaxen Township, sent this following campaign announcement. "I have faithfully served as township supervisor since I had the honor to be elected to office in 1995. I have served as fair and unbiased that I can. During my three consecutive terms, and the last 12 years as chairman, we have executed upon many items that needed attention, while always being cognizant of the concerns of all our constituents to produce favorable outcomes with common sense and good judgment.

"The Board continues to execute our strategic vision, while working in partnership with all involved parties. Some significant accomplishments are: Revised our zoning several times to broaden the commercial use areas of the Township as well as further revise zoning to encompass more uses in previously restricted zones. Updated our comprehensive plan that serves as a compass towards our future while achieving economies of scale in the process. Creating an internet presence where ordinances, forms and information can be readily obtained. Formed the Fire Commission to assist our volunteers that choose to participate. Financially responsible and relocated the township offices to the new 139 acre location on Urban Road, much of which paid for from years of planning for capital improvements, and securing funding from the County bond issue in addition to securing funding of $274,000 for the installation of our solar field that basically powers the building. Find ways to encourage more local job creating, with this said we are in the process of establishing tax abatement zones, that basically would defer taxes for commercial development over a period of 5 years with accumulating percentage during this time. This serves to offset the upfront cost of developing the site. "I am interested in seeking a fourth term as Supervisor to continue to serve all our constituents in a manner that is consistent with fulfilling everyone’s needs in mind. We find ways to compromise, negotiate in an open and transparent manner in the decisions that we have made. Everyone has a voice, and those voices are heard as we plan for the future. "Our meetings are run professionally while everyone is heard and we assist all those that come before the board with solutions, not problems. We recognize the efforts of all the various boards and commissions and work diligently to achieve common goals. We developed a fire escrow ordinance to remove fire damaged structures that have no insurance, implemented the enhanced 911 system and broadened zoning and land uses. We continue to be a growing municipality. I believe that the good work that we have been able to achieve, has been done so only by working together as a community, with much more to come. "The township continues to be under pressure from other governmental agencies with respects to additional regulations. We have, and continue to be, very outspoken during these public comment periods to offer our input and build consensus. We continue to grow as a township. With growth come additional demands on our infrastructure. Our 57 miles of township roads are all on a plan. They are all very well maintained and we are an active voice on the Road Task Force trying to secure funding for those state roads that are in less than favorable repair. We continue to review our zoning and land use regulations to ensure they are in harmony with current and most important future need. "With continued escalation of costs for everything the Township continues to properly plan for the future financial commitments that may develop while maintaining a tax rate that is the minimal possible without sacrificing service to all. With continued demands on services we strive to see what is coming in the future and to plan for it today by being prudent with expenditures and solid budget management."