Hawley Police Chief Daniel Drake presented the Department report for April 2013 at the May Borough Council meeting. Criminal Mischief led the list of criminal matters with six incidents, the first of any of this nature for the year.

Hawley Police also handled two cases of Disorderly Conduct; one incident of Public Drunkenness and one case of Retail Theft.

There has been no incidents of Driving Under the Influence in the Borough all year, that were handled by Hawley Police. They were not dispatched to any motor vehicle accidents in May.

Officers issued five traffic citations, four non-traffic citations and three traffic warnings. They made four arrests in May. One warrant was served.

In addition, they assisted other police jurisdictions once and handled 60 miscellaneous incidents that were not criminal or vehicular matters. Hawley Borough Police spent 299 hours on duty in the Borough and 28.5 hours in Palmyra Township (Wayne). Their police vehicles logged 1,221 miles.

Hawley Borough Police Department may be contacted at 226-4868. In an emergency, contact 9-1-1.