Heard all the hype about the new yoga that has hit the work out world?

Heard all the hype about the new yoga that has hit the work out world? This new type of yoga is called hot yoga. Hot yoga refers to any type of yoga that is done in a room that the temperature is kept between 95-100 degrees. This helps start the sweating process and loosens up your muscles. There are many styles of hot yoga, so you want to do your homework before you go to a hot yoga class to make sure you are participating in one that suits you best.

As with any new exercise, there are many tips and cautions that you should be aware of. You want to make sure that you bring your own yoga mat. Another important item to bring is water so you can stay hydrated. You may also want to bring some sort of towel with you. Hot yoga = lots of sweat (it's in the name).

You also want to make sure you are wearing proper fitting clothing. Try wearing some form fitted capris rather than shorts. Shorts can make your legs sweat which can make your legs slippery. Avoid wearing spandex that is too tight. If your spandex is stretched to the max and then you stretch it again by doing different poses you are giving your instructor and other people in the class a show, and let’s face it you don’t want to do that. You want to pick a close fitting tank top or sports bra. Try and avoid oversized shirts as they will fall forward and show your ta ta’s. Finally, try to avoid 100% cotton shirts as they do not absorb the sweat and do not breathe. Men’s shorts should be close to form fitting and made of a good wicking fabric.