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‘Springsteen & I’ looks like a treat for true Bruce fans
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By Pete Chianca
May 23, 2013 12:14 p.m.

It disappeared for a while yesterday, but the trailer for “Springsteen & I” — the documentary project from Ridley Scott Associates, Black Dog Films and Scott Free London — is back on YouTube, and for a certain brand of Springsteen fan (i.e. crazed), it’s bound to ring a bell. Check it out:
While we can’t advocate ever referring to Bruce Springsteen as “my macaroni & cheese,” and have concerns about the woman referring to Bruce as “Daddy” to her baby son, the flick really looks like a must-see for true fans. Like Lawrence Kirsch’s wonderful Springsteen collection “For You,” featuring fans’ stories of what the Boss has meant to them, “Springsteen & I” looks like proof positive to us diehards that we’re not crazy — or if we are, we have a lot of company.
The only problem is the grammar — shouldn’t it be “Springsteen & Me”? Or perhaps their construction is explained in the doc. (“Springsteen and I take long walks on the beach in my dreams every night,” etc.)
We’ll have to wait and see — Cineworld Cinemas is slated to debut the doc in the U.K. later this year, and hopefully we’ll see a U.S. release soon after. Supposedly more news on the doc is coming via Twitter — follow at @springsteenandi.
UPDATE: Brucespringsteen.net reports that the film opens July 22 worldwide with tickets on sale July 4. Plus, you can get your picture on the movie poster.

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