By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

PIKE COUNTY - The May 21st Primary Election in Pike County had several closely watched races, including that of county sheriff, magisterial district judge in two courts, and some municipal contests. Write-in votes made a difference in some municipal races. The preliminary vote counts were to be certified starting May 24th. Results were expected to be posted on the county web site by early in the week.

Preliminary vote counts had Sheriff Phil Bueki easily securing the Republican nomination, 1424 ahead of challenger Nancy Price.

In the race for Magisterial District Justice for District Court 60-3-02 (Blooming Grove/Palmyra/Greene Townships), Shannon Muir was handed the Republican gauntlet, with 106 votes ahead of Mark Moulton. Muir was unopposed on the Democrat side.

In the race for Magisterial District Justice for District Court 60-3-04 (Delaware/Lehman/Porter Townships), Paul Menditto is the apparent Democratic nominee, with 154 votes over Robert A. Bowell. Menditto had no competition on the Republican ticket.

Municipal races

Write-in votes overturned the results for Tax Collector in Blooming Grove Township. Jeanine Tenzi received enough Republican write-in votes to beat ballot candidate Kaye Ernst.

In Delaware Township, word waits on the official certification of write-in votes for Marguerite Nemeth, who waged a write-in campaign for Supervisor on the Republican ticket. The preliminary count has her losing by only one vote to Jeffrey Scheetz, who received 301 votes.

Four Republican candidates for tax collector in Delaware Township placed Dennis Lee on top with 142 votes. He is set to face lone Democratic candidate Mary Lou Corbett on the November ballot.

In the contest for Dingman Township tax collector, James Lieser was the top Republican vote-getter from three ballot hopefuls. He faces Democrat Jesse Tashlik on the November ballot.

Incumbent Edward H. Simon won the Republican race for Greene Township Supervisor, 64 ahead of Charles A. Olsommer.

Barbara Gilpin, who ran alone as a Republican for Greene Tax Collector, also was handed the Democrat nomination by write-ins.

The election for Lackawaxen Township Supervisor was very close. Michael "Mike" Mancino edged out incumbent Brian Stuart by only seven regular votes, for the Republican nomination. With right-in votes, the gap widened to 10 votes. Ronald M. Tussel Jr. was in third place.

Frances E. James who ran alone as a Republican for Lackawaxen Tax Collector, also was handed the Democrat nomination by write-ins.

A landslide victory was handed incumbent Dick Vollmer for Lehman Township Supervisor, 218 ahead of Nelson Roig on the Republican ticket.

Roseann E. Van Why achieved the Democratic spot for Lehman Tax Collector, sliding past Diane Hinson by 142 votes. With write-in Republican votes, she then won, with more votes than Republican ballot candidate Hal H. Harris.

Write-in Democratic votes added Richard Gassmann to the list for Matamoras Council who will be on the November ballot.

Carol S. Osterberg who ran alone as a Republican for Milford Borough Tax Collector, also was handed the Democrat nomination by write-ins.

Elizabeth Myers who ran uncontested as a Republican for Shohola Township Tax Collector, also was handed the Democrat nomination with write-ins.

The Republican contest for Westfall Township Supervisor was razor thin; the official vote count will be closely watched. Jerry Dotey received one more vote that Lester James Buchanan, and nine more than Robert J. Bostinto. As of now, Doty is set to face Democrat William Jamros on the fall ballot.

Laurie L. Pearce slid past challenger Megan Banach with 130 more Republican votes, for Westfall Tax Collector. She also had the Democratic nomination thanks to write-ins.

Unofficial vote tallies (not counting write-in votes)


Nancy Price (R) 673

Phil Bueki (R) 2097



Shannon L. Muir (R) 419

Mark E. Moulton (R) 313


Paul Menditto (D) 260

Robert A. Bowell (D) 106


Bob Byrne (R) 111

Dennis Lee (R) 142

Virginia Shamlian (R) 16

Amanda Henderson (R) 48


James Leiser (R) 172

Marian Foran (R) 88

Laura Orben (R) 118


Edward H. Simon (R) 179

Charles A. Olsommer (R) 115


Brian Stuart (R) 170

Ronald M. Tussel Jr. (R) 63

Michael "Mike" Mancino (R) 177


Dick Vollmer (R) 268

Nelson Roig (R) 50


Roseann E. Van Why (D) 226

Diane Hinson (D) 84


Robert J. Bostinto (R) 80

Lester James Buchanan (R) 88

Jerry Dotey (R) 89


Laurie L. Pearce (R) 157

Megan Banach (R) 27