HONESDALE - Wayne County District Attorney, Janine Edwards, and the Pennsylvania State Police announced May 24 the arrest of Brian Fazio, age 33, for 34 felony counts related to theft of monies from Leeward Construction, Inc. Honesdale.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by Trooper John Decker, Fazio was employed as an assistant controller for Leeward Construction from August 29, 2011 until May 21, 2013 and was responsible for issuing checks but not signing them. During this time period Fazio allegedly filled out checks to himself from Leeward Construction and would deposit them in his personal checking account.

On May 21, Fazio wrote a check out to himself in the amount of $5,200.00 and allegedly forged the signature of his superior. Fazio then asked another employee at Leeward if he would make a deposit for him. The other employee made the deposit for Fazio with the deposit ticket Fazio had filled out.

Later that day the employee informed management of the check Fazio had him deposit and it was discovered that the check was forged by Fazio, according to police. The affidavit of probable cause further states that Leeward management spoke to Fazio on May 21 wherein Fazio allegedly admitted he stole money from Leeward. He was fired by Leeward on May 21. On May 22 a search warrant for Fazio’s checking account was obtained by Pa. State Police Honesdale and served on the Honesdale National Bank.

On May 23 the records requested were received and allegedly revealed that Fazio had written checks and deposited them in a total amount of at least $71,575.00.

A criminal complaint was filed May 24th charging Fazio with a total of 34 Felony counts related to theft and forgery. He appeared at Magistrate Mikulak’s office for arraignment and bail was set at $750,000.00. Fazio is currently incarcerated in the Wayne County Correctional Facility pending his next court appearance at Central Court on May 29, 2013 at 9 a.m. at the Wayne County Courthouse.