Outdoor enthusiasts may want to circle the second weekend in June on the calendar with a big red marker and make their way to Prompton State Park.

Outdoor enthusiasts may want to circle the second weekend in June on the calendar with a big red marker and make their way to Prompton State Park.
On Saturday, June 8, the resurrected Prompton Punisher trail run returns after a four-year hiatus. The following day, June 9, will be the Prompton Paddle & Pedal mountain biking and kayaking demo day.
The last Prompton Punisher took place in 2009. At that time it was just a 10 mile run, but now there will be optional routes that can extend the adventure to 20 or 30 miles.
Previous runs have attracted 80 to 90 elite, off-road runners, and similar numbers are expected to compete this year.
The race circuit is a 10 mile loop and traverses tough terrain. Runners can definitely expect a challenge.
The course is largely single-track trail through mud, rocks and stream crossings. Those opting for the 20 or 30 mile runs will complete the circuit twice, or three times, respectively.
While there is no time limit for racers opting to take the 10 or 20 mile challenge, those that strive for the ultimate punishment will have to complete the first two circuits in a 5ス-hour time frame in order to press on. Due to the remoteness of the course, aid stations will be available at the start/finish line and at a point 5.5 miles along the route. Runners are encouraged to provide their own hydration.
Registration fees and times vary by race. Runners choosing only to do the 10 mile course may register between 7:45-8:15 a.m. on race day for $40. They will begin racing at 8:30 a.m.
Those hoofing the 20 or 30 mile loops can register between 6:45-7:15 a.m. for $60.
All proceeds from the race go to benefit the Hope Hill Ministry and the Friends of Prompton State Park. They will commence at 7:30 a.m.
Additionally, a post-race vegan meal will be available for $10. Those who pre-register by May 23 will receive a technical T-shirt. To pre-register, contact Paul and Dee Maopolski at (845) 252-7454 or e-mail: maotribe@gmail.com. A waiver and registration form will need to be completed by all entrants.
The Paddle & Pedal will feature bikes from approximately a dozen mountain cycling companies, among which are Cannondale, Fuji, Scott and Jamis.
The great folks from Sicklers and Sawmill Cycles, as well as some company representatives from Giant, will be on hand to answer questions and get you set up to take a test ride on some sweet bikes.
While the vast majority of Prompton's terrain is not for novice riders, areas near the main parking lot and picnic pavilion will be set-up for riders who don't wish to tackle the trails.
If careening through the woods on two wheels isn't your idea of fun, don't fret … kayaks and canoes are a nice, safe bet.
Sawmill Cycles will be on hand with kayaks from Emotion and Seaman's Marina will be there representing Old Town canoes and kayaks.
Whether you have never tried kayaking or canoeing, or you are considering making an upgrade to your fleet, this event will be an outstanding chance to try out some new boats.
Local food vendors will also be on hand with delicious eats and treats for those looking for lunch and there will be wine and beer tastings held outside the park by Antler Ridge Winery and Three Guys and a Beer'd brewery.
All of this is possible through a cooperative effort from the Friends of Prompton, Pocono Mountain Visitor Bureau, Wayne County Tourism, the Greater Honesdale Partnership, Wayne County Chamber of Commerce, The Dime Bank and other local businesses.
The goal of the entire weekend is multi-faceted.
While getting people to Prompton to experience the wide variety of things there are at the park to do, it also showcases local businesses involved with the recreation and tourism industry in the area.
Additionally, having the two events on back-to-back weekend days will hopefully attract visitors from outside the area. Since Prompton State Park is a day-use area, there is anticipation that people may stay overnight in an area hotel or campground and bring in some additional revenue to local establishments on a non-holiday weekend.
More information about this wild weekend can be found on www.friendsofprompton.com or check out the Facebook pages for the Friends of Prompton State Park and The Prompton Punisher.
Additional details as well as sponsorship opportunities can also be directed to Paul Mang at 470-6023.