HONESDALE - Wayne Memorial Hospital’s Volunteer Coordinator Joyce Malicky is the latest in the hospital family to assume a top state post, in this case President of the Pennsylvania Society of Directors of Volunteer Services in Healthcare (PSDVS). This 121-member group is dedicated to volunteer resource management, education and advocacy at 107 institutions around the state.

"It’s really an honor to be elected by your peers," said Malicky, "and coming from a smaller rural hospital, it’s especially humbling. I’m flattered!"

Malicky joins Janet Lienert and Nadine Greco, MS, in executive positions at their respective organizations. Lienert, a Wayne Memorial Auxilian, is president of the Pennsylvania Association of Hospital Auxiliaries (PAHA) and Greco is vice president of the Pennsylvania region of the Tri-State Society for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. (The Tri-State Society encompasses the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.) Greco, who is the coordinator for Wayne Memorial’s Cardiac Rehabilitation unit, will assume the presidency of her organization next year

"We are very proud of all three women," said Wayne Memorial’s Chief Executive Officer David Hoff. "Whether employed or working voluntarily as Janet does, their work and dedication speaks volumes for Wayne Memorial. We have terrific people on our team, and they’ve been noticed at the state level."

Janet Lienert, who finishes up her presidential term in May, oversees 100 auxiliaries across the state with an estimated 13-15,000 members.

"It’s been exciting to say the least," said Lienert. "And I hope to stay involved with the organization as a continuing representative on the board of the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania."

Lienert’s successor, Eleanor Huggins, described Lienert as an excellent president for PAHA and through her many leadership roles over the years someone who "is truly making a difference." Huggins admitted Lienert will be a "hard act to follow."

Greco traveled to Harrisburg earlier this year and, with her colleagues, helped secure separate proclamations for Cardiac Rehabilitation Week and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week, from the Governor, the Senate and the House.

"All of us," said Joyce Malicky, "are so appreciative of the recognition from the people who know us best in our field and we hope that we continue to earn their respect even after our terms are complete."

Over the next year of her term, Malicky hopes to bring her organization more fully into the electronic age (using webinars, for example, for training), enhance the engagement between local chapters and the umbrella organization and research the possibility of promoting certification for everyone in her field.

"Right now there is a test for a Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services offered by The Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals, but it’s not mandatory. I believe certification might be required in the future, though, and the time to investigate how best to educate our members is now."

Wayne Memorial Hospital asks the community to join them in a round of applause for these three top state office holders.