By Peter Becker

Managing Editor

HAWLEY - Borough Planning Commission will meet at Maley's Swimming Hole Tuesday June 25- not to take a dip but to review what they may want to do to improve the property. The Monaghan family donated the narrow strip along the Middle Creek just off the end of River Street to the Borough, for park land.

The spot has been a popular swimming hole for Hawley kids for more than a century. The Marble Hill Bridge used to be accessed in this area before being washed out in 1942.

At the June 12th Council meeting, Council Vice-president Mary Sanders said that signage or a bench are possibilities. The Commission will meet there at 6 p.m. and go back to Borough Hall for the regular meeting at 7 p.m.

Rededicate rail coach

• Hawley Library was rededicating the historic railroad coach in a ceremony, June 15. The library undertook a restoration project of the coach and canopy, adding a handicapped-accessible ramp and a new interpretative sign. The sign describes Hawley's legacy with the Pennsylvania Coal Company Gravity Railroad. Councilman John Robertson commended Tom Kennedy for coordinated the project. Numerous people have been noticed stopping to read the sign (A story is planned for the next edition).

• Appreciation was extended to two Hawley residents, Linda Hartmann and Virginia Vandesande for taking it upon themselves to plant beautiful flowers on River Street and in Bingham Park.

• Michael Lazarro, owner of Penny Lane Candies & Candles, asked Council if he could put a billboard on top another building he owns at 620 Church Street, to advertise Penny Lane to motorists passing on Route 6. He said that trees block the view to the roof of Penny Lane at 602 Church, as seen from Route 6. He was advised that the Zoning Ordinance precludes off-premises signs of this nature.

 • A hearing was set for August 14 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance, prior to a Council vote to adopt the amended ordinance.

One area, along the railroad tracks behind Church Street, is being reclassified from Industrial to Conservation. There are other updates as well.

• Council discussed how to use funds that were hoped to be used towards a grandstand at Bingham Park that was to include handicapped accessible restrooms in back. The state had turned down an application for a grant submitted for this project.

Councilwoman Elaine Herzog advised that there were other sources for restroom funding and it may be better to apply it to sidewalk repairs. An area of Keystone Street, between Main and Penn was discussed, as well as the raised sidewalk area on Main in front of Skier's offices (the former hardware store, by the bridge).

Hudson Street work

• The PennDOT Wayne County office milled Hudson Street in preparation of paving, but will wait for Aqua Pennsylvania to lay their water mains before resuming the paving project, Council President Donald Kyzer reported. A conflict of schedules erupted in early June when Aqua found that the paving work was being planned at the same time although Aqua received permit approval from PennDOT.

• Kyzer related that Joe & Lorenzo's Restaurant is staying at 213 Main Avenue and had signed a new 10-year lease. The restaurant owner had earlier announced plans to relocate to the 300 block but regulations and costs proved prohibitive. Kyzer stated it was "super" news that Joe & Lorenzo's would not be moving outside the town, as an alternative.

• Mayor Kevin Hawk said that Hawley Fire Police did an outstanding job at the Memorial Weekend Parade. He said these volunteers do not get enough credit for the service they perform, in controlling traffic.

• Three couples were married in May, officiated by Mayor Hawk.

• PennDOT reports that the Route 6 Bridge project over the Lackawaxen should be completed on June 28th. In the meantime, the Mayor offered to contact PennDOT about a problem with the timing of the temporary traffic signals. There isn't quite enough time to clear the bridge before oncoming traffic has a green light.

• Traffic has been making a short cut across the vacant lot at the corner of Spruce and Hudson Streets, across from the park where the Anke Knitting Mill sat. Gene Krause, Deputy Fire Chief, said drivers try to skip the traffic light but could lead to an accident. The lot is private property.

• The local Brownie Troop asked for a couple recycling containers in the park, the Mayor said.

• There is an ongoing problem with graffiti on the back stop in Bingham Park. There was discussion of how to wire it for motion detector lights or security cameras. Meanwhile, more paint is needed.

• Diane Arigot asked that Council not pursue an Earned Income Tax as it would burden employers with paperwork. Councilwoman Elaine Herzog said it is only one idea being discussed as a way to raise additional revenue.

• Councilwoman Michelle Rojas suggested a better way to store Borough maps for easy access, by clamping them and have them hang on the wall. The idea met with favor.

• The loose plate at the foot of the Eddy Bridge has been addressed, stopping the annoying sound as vehicles pass over.

• Proposed efficiency upgrades for the Hawley Area Authority treatment plant are being analyzed.

• As of May 30, delinquent sewer accounts totaled $56,761.09. The total collected in April was $9,595.34.

Other items were reported separetely.

Hawley Council meets on the second Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Borough Hall, opposite from Bingham Park. The office may be reached at 226-9545.