HAWLEY - Hawley Fire Department answered 14 calls for service in May 2013, reported Deputy Fire Chief Eugene E. Krause.

Four of these turned out to be caused by cooking food, with the smoke setting off alarms. Three of them were at Eagle Apartments, 522 Spring Street. Fire officials spoke to the building maintenance manager about the sensitivity of the alarms. Two were on May 24, at 4:03 and at 7:56 p.m. Hawley Fire Department was back a third time on May 26 at 5:36 p.m. for an automatic alarm set off by a tenant cooking hamburgers.

In another incident, on May 14, Hawley Fire Department was summoned to the United Methodist Church at 315 Church Street, when burnt food in a microwave triggered an alarm.

On May 10, a smoke alarm was said to be sounding off at 615 Barker Street, summoning the Fire Department. When they arrived on scene the noise was found to be from a phone off the hook.

Other incidents included:

• May 3- Assistance to Tafton Fire & Rescue at a brush fire that also involved a shed and camper, at 104 Sunrise.

• May 11- Hawley Fire personnel used a saw to remove a tree on a phone wire, at 679 Columbus.

• May 15- Summoned to aid Tafton Fire & Rescue at a brush fire involving a golf cart in Tanglwood Lakes. Hawley was cancelled on the way.

• May 20- Stood by at station for Tafton, attending to a crash by Turkey Hill Market.

• May 20- Called to aid Tafton for an automatic alarm at Wallenpaupack Middle School. They were cancelled on the way.

• May 22- Assisted Forest Volunteer Fire Department at a brush fore on the power link at Tink Wig.

• May 23- Two vehicle crash at 153 Welwood (Route 6) where a small truck pulled in front of a car going east.

• May 24- Two trucks collided at 1446 Purdytown. Hawley performed traffic control.

• May 25p Hawley assisted Central Volunteer Fire Department at a structure fire at 236 Upper Independence, Masthope Mountain Community. Hawley took the Cascade and filled five cylinders.

Ambulance calls

Hawley Ambulance handled 36 calls in May, traveling 2071 miles and logging 135 hours, with their two ambulance units. Three calls were in Palmyra-Wayne and 17 in the Borough; the rest were mutual aid calls to assist other companies.