MILFORD - The Pike County Economic Alliance is seeking a new Executive Director to further their goals of enhacing the business climate in the area.

The Alliance, comprised of select members of the Board of Directors of the Pike County Economic Development Authority (EDA) and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce, recently met to evaluate the milestones achieved over the past two years and to develop strategies to maintain the momentum.

According to Kathy Hummel, Board Chair of the EDA," bringing new business to Pike County remains a challenge." However, Hummel is pleased with the progress made in introducing a new tax abatement program in the county. "Townships are signing on to a program that exempts assessed valuation of improvements on new construction of industrial, commercial and other business properties," Hummel stated. It is believed that offering innovative incentive packages like the abatement program will increase new business interest in Pike County.

Likewise, Chamber President Philly Viscardo sees significant progress in the Chamber’s ability to strengthen existing businesses. "Over the past two years, the Chamber has been more aggressive in identifying the needs of our members," Viscardo stated. The result of this outreach is the "Third Thursday" series of workshops and seminars designed to keep business owners on the cutting edge of issues that affect their bottom line. Viscardo stated, "We are seeing a steady increase in membership and with that, a larger role for the Chamber. We are up for the challenge."

With heightened interest in developing properties on Route 209 in Westfall Township, and an enlarging pipeline of businesses interested in doing business in Pike County, the Alliance is charged with identifying a successor to Michael Sullivan who recently resigned from his Executive Director post.

Marcia Guberman, Chairperson of the Alliance, indicated that the wheels are already in motion to find a forward looking individual to lead the EDA in a challenging, yet promising, economic climate. "Advertisements soliciting resumes from interested individuals will be appearing in publications throughout the region and on-line. I am confident we will find the perfect candidate to navigate the challenges ahead by building on our successes in the past," stated Guberman.

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