One of the best tools in the fight against anxiety is preparation.

One of the best tools in the fight against anxiety is preparation. So when your little one is a little nervous to start their first summer of day camp, go through a checklist of what's in their bag so they know they can take on anything! Some useful tools include:

Sunscreen. This is one of their most valuable of tools! The sun is NOT something to mess around with, so make sure you are ready for it with at least SPF 30. The spray bottle is best for great coverage and ease of use.

Water. I always tell parents “You can never have too much water!” Now our day camps have the luxury of being inside schools, so we are able to utilize their water fountains. Due to the fact that not all camps are created equal, your day camp may not have a way to provide this. Make sure you pack at least two bottles of water a day to keep those little ones hydrated and happy!

Swimwear. Most day camps offer swimming as a main attraction. Make sure you pack all their necessities, including a baggie for wet swimwear after they get out of the water. Protect your little one's feet with water shoes or sandals. They come in useful if the camp goes to a natural body of water like a lake, or even around a pool.

Lunch. You may be wondering why it took me so long to get to this one! Lunch is a very important part of the camp day also. We need to make sure the kiddos are getting the best nutrition possible. Pack fruits and veggies to keep them hydrated. Berries, celery, oranges and carrots are great options.

An extra set of clothes. Between playing outside, having water fights, and just in case something out of the ordinary happens, its always a good idea to pack an extra set of clothes for your camper including socks and undergarments.

Let your camper help you with preparing that way they can be assured that every base is covered. They will have a much better time at camp knowing that they have everything they need!