By Katie Collins News Eagle Reporter

HAWLEY- Area artist, Heather Hoffman opened, "Art on the Edge," in the Hawley Silk Mill as an opportunity for local artists to present their work. She said through her shop, she hopes to make art accessible to everyone because she feels there are items for different levels of interest, which will give people the chance to have something artistic in their lives. She added that, "that's the whole point, you don't have to be an artist and you don't have to know anything about art because it should be accessible to everyone."

The shop contains a mix of fine art, with unique and fun items that consists of sculptures, paintings, photography, ink pieces, jewelry and more. Everyday items, like candles that are different because they are not simply a straight candle, but rather they have a distorted design. Within her shop, when people look at an owl, they may have to look twice to see that it is also a lamp. Or pillows that are from a woman in New York City, made of organic canvas and wool, with recycled water bottles used for the stuffing. She explained that her shop has more of a contemporary edge rather than a traditional style.

The pieces in the shop, she said, are fun and unique with artists that include herself and Raul Vega, Tom Cornish, Valerie McGovern and Ron Orlando to name a few.

Art on the Edge is Hoffman's first venture, which she said has been going well as people who visit the Mill tend to bring a lot of energy and with the summer almost here, traffic has picked up.

Now, after seeing the works from such a mix of artists, Hoffman said she has been inspired by their work and she just wants to, "do stuff now." Aside from enjoying the presentation of the art, Hoffman said she also enjoys talking with people and showing them around. But especially, she said, she gets really excited when people bring in new pieces.

As an artist, Hoffman's focus is on sculptures and she tends to make her pieces out of stumps. The stumps she uses, she typically finds in the woods or they may have washed up on the shore. She said if the items have a cool form, she just picks away at it, manipulating it to the point of where she likes the way it looks.

Everyday, Hoffman said, she is adding a little more to the shop and if artists would like to have items in the shop, they are welcome to contact her at (570) 390-4747.

Art on the Edge is open Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Hawley Silk Mill offers several art venues, including Art on the Edge; Looking Glass Art Gallery & Studio; Harmony Presents, offering musical performances and a sculpted art garden spread around the grounds.